Bar-B-Que Beef Recipe

Select a well marbled three to four inch thick steak. Marbled fat in the meat is more important than outside fat. Naturally, the more expensive cuts are the best, but a well marbled chuck steak (roast?) that has started to darken with age is hard to beat. Trim the outside fat to 3/8″, sprinkle liberally with Santa Maria BBQ Salt, and place over hot coals & brown both sides.

Turn at about ten minute intervals allowing about 15 minutes per inch of thickness for medium rare. Slice and serve immediately after removing from coals. (A thick steak keeps on cooking for 5 to 10 minutes after it is removed from the heat. ) Outside cuts will be medium well, and inside cuts will be rare. Save the juice for your potatoes or to “dunk” your bread. (See BAR-B-QUE BREAD) Left over steak is delicious sliced cold but loses some flavor when reheated.