Santa Maria BBQ Salt
BBQ SaltSanta Maria Bar-B-Que Salt was first produced by Al Pabst in Santa Maria in 1948 for personal use. It quickly became popular with friends and fellow Bar-B-Quer’s in the area. He was locally known for using his seasoning at the Santa Maria club. In 1958 he began mixing and bottling for sale to the Santa Maria area.

Santa Maria BBQ Salt was a big part of what we now know as “Santa Maria Style” Bar-B-Que. In 1974, Al Pabst retired to Sarasota, Florida, where he continued to make and sell his seasoning salt. It has been sold to the Santa Maria and Sarasota areas for over 50 years. The original recipe, excluding MSG, has been maintained by his children and grandchildren who now make and sell the salt to enthusiastic Bar-B-Quer’s.